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VITRUM is a studio for the design and production of art glass objects – stained glass panels for exterior and interior use, along with decorative and ornamental objects. Our creations are developed using both classical stained glass as well as fused glass techniques. VITRUM was formed in 2000 by Mimi and Janko Gogusevski, architects by training and glass designers by profession. We have received numerous accolades and two prestigious awards for design at the Macedonian Architecture and Design Biennale.

VITRUM’S resume contains numerous examples of projects of various sizes for private residences, which completely transform their interior design and look, giving the residency a very unique ambient feel – a “personality”. Our resume is also rich with large, award-winning projects for commercial and public structures, which are often the aesthetic centerpiece, and thus help define these structures. We would like to highlight a few of these: The impressive 12 Apostles (90/220cm) panel series, created with fused glass, for the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church, the site of Pope Francis’ meeting with the young faithful during his visit to Skopje in May 2019; The vibrantly red dividers, incorporating Macedonian ethnological themes, which separate the public from the hospital areas at the Zan Mitrev Clinic; Fused glass panels on the façade and in the interior of the National Bank of Macedonia headquarters, featuring representations of ancient coins found in the country; Large screen featuring the symbols of Skopje, created using the classical stained glass technique, at the Best Western Hotel; Multiple stained glass windows and doors at the residency of the U.S. Ambassador to Macedonia, designed in a Frank Lloyd Wright-like style.

We are particularly proud of our glass “Vortex” installation in the new headquarters of the Agency for Electronic Communication. The design, dominated by intense blue and green colors, consists of 360 separate pieces of glass (each in the 60/60cm and 60/120cm size range), installed on a metal framework. The Vortex covers all seven stories - essentially the entire height of the building.


Tiffany technique

The inspirational esthetic quality of the traditional Tiffany technique give a particularly exquisite and classic appearance to our creations for windows, doors, ceilings, lighting objects and other functional and decorative elements for residencies. Intense, powerful, vibrant colors of the glass, combined with modern as well as classic designs, give these creations a look and feel of timeless beauty and elegance. All of these are reasons for the demand and appreciation for our work and creations..


Fused glass

Fused glass is a modern alternative to the traditional stained glass technique. Rich, vivacious colors, combined with varying textures, result in a sophisticated and modern look for functional as well as ornamental elements for the interior and exterior design of all spaces, regardless of their type and purpose.


The glass does not have to be flat and geometrically even – we can bend, curve and shape it in countless combinations, as necessary for each design. These are processes that require significant experience and knowledge, both artistic and technical; as a result, the end product is stunning - impressive, dynamic, and esthetically attractive.


Gallery VITRUM

A part of our studio is a merchant gallery where customers can purchase a variety of gifts and ornaments, such as mirrors, wall and desk clocks, decorative plates, picture frames, candle holders, unique jewelry, as well as Tiffany-style lamps in various sizes..

Each one of our projects is unique. We design and develop each project with focus and total dedications to the specific needs, requirements and desires of our clients. We are very proud of the high quality, superior technical execution and innovative designs of our products, which enrich and enliven the spaces they are part of, as well as experience of the inhabitants of those spaces. Without exaggeration, and without exception, all of our creations are products of high technical proficiency, exceptional design, and love.
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Street: St. Vasil Gjorgov 29/2, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia
City: Skopje
Country: Macedonia

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